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Cleaning Tools
Microfiber Flat Mop complete
UNI Color Mop
UNI Color Mop Head
UNI Ezy Mop Sleeve
UNI Dust Mop
UNI Dust Mop Sleeve
Aluminium Flat Mop Frame
Uni Ezy Mop Complete
Microfiber Mop
Microfiber Mop Head
Microfiber Flat Mop Sleeve
UNI Synthetic Dust Mop
UNI Aluminium Handle
UNI Dust Mop Holder
UNI Kentucky Mop
UNI Kentucky Mop Head
UNI Kentucky Mop Clip
All in 1 Mop Scrubber
3M Scotch Brite #96 General Purpose Pad
3M Scotch Brite #98 Light Duty Scrub Pad
3M Scotch Brite #9030 Light Scrub Pad
3M Scotch Brite #9650 General Purpose Pad
3M Scotch Brite Pad #8242- #8247
3M Scotch Brite Pad #9242-#9247
Floor Sweep c/w Handle
UNI Metal Floor Squeege
UNI Metal Foam Squeegee
Window Squeegee Complete
Window Squeegee Channel
Pro Window Washer Complete
Window Squeegee Handle
CT rubber replacement
UNI Add-An-Arm
UNI Window Cleaning Set
Rubbermaid 9B56 Tile & Grout Brush
UNI Carry Caddy c/w Handle
UNI Toilet Bowl Mop
Aluminium Nipper
Aluminium Duster Set
Broom & Mop Organizer Kit
CT Floor Window Scraper
UNI Fixi Clamp
Plastic Pocket Scrapper
UNI Microfiber Cloth
S Stell Fish Tail
UNI Spray Bottle
UNI Hand Scrubber
Upright Plastic Dust Pan
"A" Folding Sign- 24"
3M Floor Pad
Rubbermaid P267 Spin Klean Bonnet Pad
Uni Dual Purposes Bonnet Pad
Double Sided Sanding disc
S Stell Fish Tail

• Good for extracting of carpet after shampooing or extracting excess water from carpet after flood

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